The Hindutva Home Minister has denied the entry to Pakistan for Sikhs wishing to visit Sri Nankana Sahib to commemorate 100 years since Saka Nankana Sahib. Despite being informed on the 12th January, they have refused permission at the last minute.

The home ministry is using excuses that the ‘security situation in Pakistan continues to be adverse and there is a threat to Indian citizens in that country. The health infrastructure in Pakistan is also not adequate’.

Pakistan’s Foreign Office spokesman Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri responded by stating that “Pakistan provides maximum facilitation to the Sikh yatris from all over the world, including India, for visiting their religious sites in Pakistan. India should also facilitate Sikh pilgrims for visiting their religious sites in Pakistan.”

The Hindutva controlled SGPC tried to speak out against their masters but were put in their place, including the illegitimate Jathedar of the Akal Takhat, Harpreet Singh.

It is quite absurd that India continues to vilify its neighbours with claims of terrorism when the country itself is governed by Nazi-Fascists. India is quick to state that Pakistan’s healthcare is inadequate without proof but has failed to find a solution to its own problems.

In India, Rabies is still not a notified disease, despite India accounting for 36% of the total deaths across the world by a bulleting released by the WHO in 2014.

The WHO has also categorized India as a ‘High-Burden’ country as it accounts for 27% of worldwide communicable diseases including Tuberculosis.

India accounts for 77% of the total Malaria cases in South Asia.

A report released by the UN Development Programme 2020 ranks India 131 on the Human Development Index out of 189 countries.

In reality, we know that the home ministry is using excuses to prevent Sikhs from travelling to Pakistan. We will not be surprised if this is a response to the protest by our people for the repeal of the farm bills as it has embarrassed the Hindutva Regime worldwide.

The more India oppresses minorities, the more it shows the world why it is the world’s largest hypocrisy. It further reinforces why minorities are not safe within India.


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