On the 15th April, the Delhi Police submitted a medical report on the X-Ray plates of innocent Sikh Navreet Singh who was killed and shot dead by the police during the 26th January Republic day protests.The report which was carried out by the Maulana Azad Medical College on behalf of the Hindutva Regime states that the X-RAYs showed “fractures of the skull and facial bones,” and that there was “no metallic radio-opacity suggestive of foreign body.”

However, the post mortem report reveals the total opposite, so what are the Nazi-Facists trying to hide?Two senior doctors, Dr Pyare Lal Garg who was a dean of medical sciences at Chandigarh’s Panjab University and the second who has remained anonoymous have both stated that the X-RAY report is misleading and that is it has ignored significant details mentioned in the post-mortem.

Dr Garg mentioned that “The injuries shown in the post-mortem and their nature, size, margins and site cannot be termed to have been caused by an accidental fall from a moving tractor and that the post-mortem report has “no mention of the fracture of the skull bones and facial bones” as recorded in the X-ray report. The second Doctor added that “The kind of wounds mentioned in the post-mortem report of Rampur, Uttar Pradesh can only be firearm or gunshot wounds with no other explanation or possibility,” he said. “No metallic body was found inside since the bullet left the head.”

Why have the Government picked medical experts missed out important information from the post-mortem report? Countless witnesses saw Delhi Police shoot Navreet Singh outside the Andhra Education Society which caused his tractor to over turn? Hardeep Singh Dibdibia who is the grandfather of Navreet Singh was also told that the doctors who carried out the original examination that the injuries were due to bullet wounds despite the Delhi Police saying his death was an accident.

The family have not accepted the report from the Maulana Azad Medical College and have said that “Until we are not shown the X-ray and we confirm that it is the same X-ray we saw, only after that should a panel conduct an examination—then we will accept it. “From the very beginning, our primary demand has been that we should see the X-ray, because we had a doubt that X-ray would be swapped. And that’s exactly what we think has happened here—that the doctors have not examined Navreet’s X-ray.

We think its manipulated, “The government does not want the truth to come out.”


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