After the quashing of the Kotkapura firing case which has yet again protected and rewarded Sikh killers, followers of the rapist Dera Sacha Sauda are now fearing for their lives as the outcome of the courts decision has angered the Sikh nation.In desperate fear, eight followers of the Dera who are accused in the Beadbi incidents of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, have begged the Faridkot Police for extra security.

They are accused of the theft of our Guru from Burj Jawahar Singh village and the beadbi of our Guru at Bargari.Some of the accused are family members of Mohinderpal Bittu, another person responsible for the beadbi of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji was punished by Gursewak Singh and Maninder Singh in Nabha Jail on the 22nd June 2019.

The police have advised them to stay at home due to the ‘increased threat to their life’, with around 35 police officials providing ‘round the clock’ security to those responsible for the desecration of our Guru.In July they were provided police security and in January, their security was stepped up even further.

If you wanted to see what the supposed world’s largest democracy is under the Hindutva Regime, this is a perfect example. Those responsible for the Beadbi of our Guru are given police protection whilst the Courts pardon those responsible for the death of innocent Sikhs.It seems that the beadbi of our Guru has become a normality in Panjab. Everyone operates to ensure that those responsible are protected at all costs, even if innocent people need to lose their lives in order to do so.

Whilst these people can try and hide from their physical death, they will face their true punishment when they are no longer here.


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