The worlds largest hypocrisy is among the top 3 biggest surveillance states in the world. No surprise but more worrying for the citizens of India who continue to be oppressed and violated in every aspect of their life.

The UK research based firm Compritech has unveiled that India scored 2.4 out of 5, which indicates ‘a systemic failure to maintain privacy safeguards.’

The Hindutva regime has on various instances, worsened the ever undemocratic Indian constitution by violating a string of fundamental rights with regards to privacy:

The Aadhar card identification has allowed for multiple data breaches which have not been regulated or investigated. This has allowed the state to spy on citizens and obtain valuable information such as purchases, financial accounts and insurance policies.

India doesn’t even have a bill which reflects data protection, which is allowing any form of privacy protection to be compromised by the state.

Compritech has further uncovered that the Hindutva government has been persistent in forcing Facebook owned applications such as Whatsapp to have their messages traceable by leaving a digital fingerprint for every message that is sent.

More worryingly and which should cause for concern is that India is regularly sharing information with the United Sates which is violating privacy rights. In addition to this, the Hindutva state has established multiple treaties which cover legal paramters with different countries worldwide. In essence, this has allowed government agencies authorisation to ‘decrypt, monitor, intercept data on any computer (subject to approval of the home secretary and if providers fail to offer the requests, they will face imprisonment for up to ten years.

The increase of surveillance of those within India is something of serious concern which needs to be taken seriously. This is affecting everyone who wishes to become free from the shackles of the Hindutva regime. They will be watching every move of those who wish to overthrow the fascist ideology and implement freedom to all people.

Sikhs and those who have had enough of Modi and his monsters will need to be alert and try their best to be one step ahead of these evil tyrants in every aspect if we want to follow in the footsteps of the Guru and Shaheeds.


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