As the Sikh nation and those that are aware remember the Sikh Genocide of June 1984 this week, the African American community continues to experience racial oppression and tyranny by the law enforcement and judicial authorities of state and federal government, brought horrifically to global attention by yet another murder of an innocent unarmed black man, the tragic death of George Floyd.

From the harrowing footage of his death by asphyxiation, caused by 4 police officers kneeling on the handcuffed man who was laying prostrate in the floor with a knee on his legs and neck for nine minutes, to witnessing the riots continue even after the officer directly responsible was arrested and charged with murder, AmeriKKKa’s reality is clear for the world to see.

The riots and this latest incident are related but not siblings. The accumulation of deaths of unarmed innocent black men at the hands of law officers has reached a point where the American Negro has paused to take stock of its environment and options.

Infamous right wing sympathiser and closet fascist, President Donald Trump, is now using this unrest, not to create a healing touch for his bloody and divided nation, but is using executive powers to indoctrinate and create fear, chaos and destruction through the media and military across the country.

Protests for truth, freedom and justice for the Black community have been met with state brutality, tear gas and rubber bullets. This violence inflicted against those who have lost all faith in the system is ultimately self destructive for AmeriKKKa.

The streets belong to the rioters and the burning down of the retail units and public property is a direct result of the economic deprivation, segregation and racism against the Black community which has been implemented slowly but surely since the end of slavery.

Instead of a seeking a permanent solution to the ever-growing library of oppression against the Black community, Trump advocates for tougher measures against those protesting the injustice that has taken place, in the same vain he had savaged the reputation of Colin Kaepernick, the NFL footballer who had been taking a knee during the American national anthem and calling Nazi’s in Charlottesville, Virginia “fine people” after racist James Alexander Firlds Jnr had driven a pick-up truck into innocent anti fascists, killing Heather Heyer, 32, and injuring 19 others.

The events taking place in AmeriKKKa are a stark reminder of our own Sikh experience during the army attack on Sri Harmandar Sahib in the June 1984 Genocide.

The systematic denial of our rights and freedom, the obliteration of the sanctity of Sri Harmandar Sahib and desecration of countless Gurdwaras. To the illegal detention, torture, rape and murder of Sikhs that continues to deny our nation the right to safely practice our religion and allow self determination to this today.

The impunity with which our physical bodies, our flesh and bone, can be abused and murdered by police in both countries and complete non existence of judicial oversight or protection is the clearest signs of low intensity genocide. A genocide both peoples face in almost near identical circumstances, as clear as day, yet under cover of global ignorance and darkness.

The Sikh nation must stand in complete solidarity with the African American community in whatever capacity they can, in the hope that no community or nation can be simply oppressed by the tyranny of evil people, group’s and even whole systems of society.

We ask in humble devotion that Waheguru bless humanity with the strength, compassion and intelligence to forever demand truth, freedom and justice for all. Let us forever remember those who have become martyrs for the cause of freedom for humanity.

It is their sacrifice that pushes us everyday to continue the fight for what they believed and ultimately gave their lives for.


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