The Hindutva regime has yet again, denied visas to teams of non-governmental advisory bodies to the US congress after denouncing the state of religious freedom in the world’s largest hypocrisy.

In April of this year, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) recommended to the US administration that India should be designated a ‘country of particular concern’. In addition to this, they also stated how the Hindutva terrorist Amit Shah had labelled migrants as ‘termites’

The report by the USCIRF stated that “religious freedom in India had seen a drastic turn downward, with religious minorities under increasing assault and engaging in and tolerating systematic, ongoing, and egregious religious freedom violations, as defined by the International Religious Freedom Act”.

It is important to note that the views of the USCIRF do not represent the opinion of the US administration or Congress, making it a non-governmental advisory body.

External Affairs minister S Jaishankar sent a letter on the 1st June to BJP MP Nishikant Dubey that “We have denied visas to USCIRF teams that have sought to visit India in connection with issues related to religious freedom, as we do not see the locus standi of a foreign entity like USCIRF to pronounce on the state of Indian citizens’ constitutionally protected rights.”

He further went on to state that India “will not accept any external interference or pronouncement on matters related to our sovereignty and the fundamental rights of our citizens that are guaranteed by the Constitution”.

We are not surprised that the Hindutva regime has denied visas to the USCIRF. It has done the same to those who wish to investigate the reality of minorities within India and the ongoing attack to eliminate their way of life and ensure justice is never obtained. From Canadian politicians to Amnesty International, all have never been allowed to uncover the brutality of what the Hindutva regime has done to minorities, which includes the Sikh Genocide of 1984.

A nation which claims to be the world’s largest democracy, prevents non-governmental bodies, members of government from other democracies and human rights organisations into their country to investigate truly shows you how democratic India claims to be. A country governed by Nazi fascists will never protect its people.


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